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Mike Hutcheson

Author, Speaker, Thinker, Restless Innovator

New Zealand’s most experienced speaker on innovation, storytelling and thinking differently

Recognized as an outstanding speaker, Hutch has delivered over 1000 presentations to leaders, business owners and students. His two best-selling books, are “Relax and Grow Rich” and “Sort Your Shit Out.”

Hutch has been an innovative leader in the advertising and marketing world, built many successful entrepreneurial start ups, been Managing Director of Saatchi and Saatchi, turned around a failing company, on the Board of several companies, mentors and works with world-class leaders daily.

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“The best and most relevant speaker at the conference. Mike’s experience demands that we listen – and his humour is wicked :)”

AON Insurance

“Mike is a regular presenter on the ICEHOUSE Owner Manager programme and never fails to impress the participating entrepreneurs with his fresh approach to thinking about the business of business. He brings passion and knowledge together to simply and persuasively talk about the need to continuously innovate and challenge orthodox approaches to business.”

“Hutch is a great speaker – entertaining, stimulating, challenging and above all relevant and engaging in a range of areas including creativity, innovation, and thinking about business and ways of ‘doing’ business differently. Mike’s passion, humour and delightfully provocative world view is ever present and engaging.”
University of Auckland

Having … had the experience of being at a dinner where Mike Hutcheson was the guest speaker, I can only say he delivers his post dinner dissertations with the same wit, understated style and panache that’s reflected in his writing. I am looking forward to more dinners, more lunches and more books!”

St Andrews Retirement

“Saved the best for last. He was brilliantly funny. If you can make people laugh, you can sell them anything!!”


“Very good presenter. Was more light-hearted with plenty of laughs along the way. Certainly bought an interesting angle to the day with creative thought needing to play a more significant role.”

NZ Inst Chartered Accountants

“Loved all his slides, very clever.”

“Another excellent presentation, funny informative and relevant”


“Great presentation, great content.”

“Very different approach, storytelling involved. A couple of things I could take away – certainly entertaining. Interesting Man – his grandkids must have lots of fun.”


“A very funny man….”

“Great stories – very enlightening.”

HR Conference

“The man called Hutch is one of the treasures of New Zealand – he is inspiring, funny, innovative, sexy and widely talented. He’s a writer, an artist, an entertainer, a creator. He has supported the Foundation for Youth Development and Project K for many years both as trustee and through leading strategic planning sessions. His broad experience and quick mind have assisted us to be at the leading edge of child and youth development. With Hutch in our board meetings, we never fail to laugh and yet still get the business done. We love him.”

Sir Graeme Dingle

“I could have listened to Mike all day, very entertaining and informative!”


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This is a Sort your shit out ebook

The post-Covid world is going to see many people displaced, replaced or retrenched through redundancy, company downsizing or business failure. But there are some who, having used their time in lockdown to reflect, might decide to push the reset button and choose different paths for themselves and their enterprises.

The purpose of this book is to help you reinvent yourself or recalibrate your enterprise. It will give insights into the changing economic environment and help you identify potential opportunities.

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