This is a Sort your shit out book

The post-Covid world is going to see many people displaced, replaced or retrenched through redundancy, company downsizing or business failure. But there are some who, having used their time in lockdown to reflect, might decide to push the reset button and choose different paths for themselves and their enterprises.

The purpose of this book is to help you reinvent yourself or recalibrate your enterprise. It will give insights into the changing economic environment and help you identify potential opportunities.

Why did Hutch write it?

Hutch wanted this book to help people discover who they really are, who they could be and where they can best find job satisfaction.

The index of job satisfaction per head of population varies from country to country, from a low of around 50% in the US to about 75% in Denmark and New Zealand.

Whichever way you slice and dice, it means that there is a significant percentage of the population who are unhappy with the way they work or where they work.

Post-Covid this situation is only going to get worse as the full impact of the pandemic on the global economy strikes home. But regardless of consequences of the pandemic, many people are going to face multiple career changes in coming decades.

Why YOU should buy it!

In an informative and simple way Hutch explains in everyday language how the world is changing and provides some practical tools and techniques that can be used to help you find your place on the planet and with those changes make subsequent success seem like second nature.