Mentoring & Consulting with Hutch

“Mike has been a regular presenter on the ICEHOUSE Owner Manager programme and he never failed to impress the participating entrepreneurs with his fresh approach to thinking about the business of business.

He brings passion and knowledge together to simply and persuasively talk about the need to continuously innovate and challenge orthodox approaches to business.”
Dr Christine Woods, University of Auckland

  • One on One for 1 hour

    Hutch has mentored dozens over the years, by asking simple questions – can turn weaknesses into strengths and draw on the deposits you’ve already made into your memory bank

    After a life time of experience in business (He’s been involved in 9 start-ups) and worked on hundreds ad campaigns from political parties to breakfast cereals he know what makes people tick.

  • Initial session $250

    Hutch to understand and diagnose issues and negotiation for any follow up advisory work.

Download The Periodic Table of Innovation