Keynote Speaking

“The best and most relevant speaker at the conference. Mike’s experience demands that we listen and his humour is – wicked :)”

Some of Hutch’s recent reviews

“Very funny presentation.”

“Very different approach, storytelling involved. A couple of things I could take away – certainly entertaining. Interesting Man – his grandkids must have lots of fun.”

“Saved the best for last. He was brilliantly funny. If you can make people laugh, you can sell them anything!!”

“I could have listened to Mike all day, very entertaining and informative!”

“A very funny man….”

“Very good presenter, was more light hearted with plenty of laughs along the way. Certainly bought an interesting angle to the day with creative thought needing to play a more significant role.”

“Loved all his slides, very clever.” 

“Another excellent presentation, funny informative and relevant”

“Great presentation, great content.”

“Great stories – very enlightening.”

Hutch’s Popular Keynotes

  • Innovation

    How to bring ideas to life – start a business or reinvigorate an existing business by using the Periodic Table of Innovation

  • Creativity

    I believe everyone is creative. It’s not how creative you are, but how you are creative. Let me show you how creative you can be.

  • Storytelling

    The fundamentals of telling stories to make people respond , understand the 7 Basic Plots and words that sell.

  • Thinking Differently

    How change is made by breaking patterns and how to reset yourself and your life post Covid.

  • Knowing Yourself

    Create you own ideas by drawing on your experiences and memories.

  • Drawing

    How drawing increases your recall by up to 100% – simple techniques for drawing memorable cartoons.

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