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Mike Hutcheson

Author, Speaker, Thinker, Restless Innovator

“To create change you have to change something. That means thinking differently and and changing the rules. I can show you how.”

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Hutch – Mike Hutcheson

Author, Speaker, Thinker, Restless Innovator

Mike has spent most of his life working out what makes people tick, figuring out what they want and why.

Nelson born and bred, Mike learned at school that ‘intelligence’ isn’t unique to those chasing traditional career avenues expected from Excellence students.

After obtaining his Diploma of Fine Arts Preliminary, he moved on to study Law at Canterbury and Victoria Universities.

He didn’t finish his Law degree; he did, however, achieve a milestone when he broke the World Rocking Chair record.

Mike co-found agencies; Colenso BBDO, Hutcheson Knowles Marinkovich, culminated his advertising career as Managing Director of Saatchi and Saatchi.

Mike has launched several businesses, a director of a number of companies public and private, a business adviser and an Adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology, teaching an online Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme.

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“The man called Hutch is one of the treasures of New Zealand – he is inspiring, funny, innovative, sexy and widely talented. He’s a writer, an artist, an entertainer, a creator. He has supported the Foundation for Youth Development and Project K for many years both as trustee and through leading strategic planning sessions. His broad experience and quick mind have assisted us to be at the leading edge of child and youth development. With Hutch in our board meetings we never fail to laugh and yet still get the business done. We love him.”

Sir Graeme Dingle and
Jo-anne Wilkinson, Lady Dingle

“A mate of mine reckons’ has now become part of the standard language among my friends who have all received copies of ‘Beethoven’s Banker and other stories’ as a gift! It is such a joy to read about New Zealand experiences that feature my city, my country and most especially my fellow ‘kiwis’. This book challenges, inspires, enlightens and enriches all who read it and just makes you laugh out loud. Men and women alike find it a great read and just love to discuss certain stories with fellow readers, my personal favourite remains ‘Paint necessarily so’ – just the title tells you it’s going to be worth the read! Having also had the experience of being at a dinner where Mike Hutcheson was the guest speaker, I can only say he delivers his post dinner dissertations with the same wit, understated style and panache that’s reflected in his writing. I am looking forward to more dinners, more lunches and more books!”
Lee Keegan

Hutch is a great speaker – entertaining, stimulating, challenging and above all relevant and engaging in a range of areas including creativity, innovation, and thinking about business and ways of ‘doing’ business differently. Mike’s passion, humour and delightfully provocative world view is ever present and engaging.” 
Dr Deb Shepherd, University of Auckland

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The post-Covid world is going to see many people displaced, replaced or retrenched through redundancy, company downsizing or business failure. But there are some who, having used their time in lockdown to reflect, might decide to push the reset button and choose different paths for themselves and their enterprises.

The purpose of this book is to help you reinvent yourself or recalibrate your enterprise. It will give insights into the changing economic environment and help you identify potential opportunities.



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