It’s the combinations that count. Stars shine when atoms of hydrogen and helium get excited and combine. Similarly, our minds fire when facts meld to create unexpected insights.

Many inventions are based on combining a number of elements into one idea. Often a combination of ideas can create something greater than the sum of the parts. The iPhone is a great example. Steve Jobs didn’t invent the mobile phone, the touch-screen or the computer, but he combined them all in a way no one had thought of before.

Sports teams win when new combinations of moves or players take the opposition by surprise. We relish the thrill of new combinations – when they’re successful! Many ideas are based on combining a number of elements into one.

But it’s not just products – people problems can be solved by merging ideas. Maybe the lockdown is giving us ways to rethink work-life balance – who is it working for and who it’s not. Maybe traditional organisations and the corporate life will become a thing of the past as we work independently from home?  We don’t need to worry about not allowing pets at work when we’re with them all day!  And every day is mufti day!

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